Our two-year-old program is a bustling classroom of fun and learning for children. There are always activities planned to help them explore their world and foster their independence in appropriate ways. They are all about getting messy and enjoying the day at school. The twos also work on developing self help skills such as; hand washing, toileting, cleaning up toys, eating lunch independently, etc. This class meets 2 or 3 days a week. The class size for twos is 12 children to 2 teachers.

A Word from our Twos Teacher, Ms. Sandra...

"Twos are special because they are learning so much. They change from babies to big kids within a school year."

"I love to see a child discover something new."

"At school we enjoy playing with friends and doing art."

"I love to teach because I like to see the kids grow and learn new things."

A Word from our Twos Teacher, Ms. Jennifer...

"I love to teach because kids are easy to entertain and it's so fun to see joy on their face!"

"Twos are special because everything is so new to them. It's fun to see things through the eyes of a child."

"I love to see a child laugh! I love to hear the funny things that they say."

"At school we enjoy play-doh, songs, dance, and reading."