A Word from our Threes Teacher, Ms. Rachael...

"I love to teach because watching children learn new skills and absorb knowledge is incredibly rewarding. It is pure joy to see the transformation and know you play a small part."

"Threes are special because they are just embarking on a self-discovery journey that moves them towards independence. They are like sponges absorbing information and assimilating new knowledge."

"I love to see a child become confident in their own abilities."

"At school we enjoy presenting children the tools and resources and allowing them the creative space to explore how it works. We also enjoy having fun with the children. It should be a fun-loving environment."


Our three-year-old program is a busy classroom with lots of activities going on all day. The teacher begins to integrate more academic learning into their play as they talk more about letters and numbers in their activities. The classroom also introduces a writing table that is available to children all the time to work on fine motor skills needed for writing. This class meets 2, 3, or 4/5 days per week. The class size for threes is 12 children to 2 teachers.

A Word from our Threes Teacher, Ms. Jan...

"I love to teach because I love sharing knowledge with those who are developing and watching as they explore their surroundings and perhaps try to make sense of all they see."

"Threes are special because they are beginning to wonder and express amazement as they discover new things. They are able to do many things that just a few months earlier they were unable to do."

"I love to see a child show concern for another. If one gets hurt for example; or one might want to a have a friend try something that he/she enjoys."

"At school we enjoy many things...reading stories, painting, playing with friends (role-playing), running and swinging on the playground, circle time with with singing and dancing. "


A Word from our Threes Teacher, Ms. Beth...

"I love to teach because it gives me the opportunity to build relationships with the children in my class, their parents, and even extended family. I love to be a part of their lives for a time to be able to plant seeds of learning and faith, to pray for them when they face difficulties and rejoice with them in the good times."

"Threes are special because they are like sponges; ready to soak up stories, songs, embrace art projects, learn how to be a friend and just enjoy being three!"

"I love to see a child being kind and putting anothers interest before their own."

"At school we enjoy table time, circle, time, center time, outside time, music time, drama time, lunch time, and even clean up time! We love to sing, dance, and laugh through it all! All our time together is a super fun celebration of our young friends."