Here at Good Shepherd Preschool we have regular special programs that are above and beyond the classroom teacher's planning. These activities are part of the annual activity fee for all children.

Chapel Time - The children meet weekly with Pastor Robert and Ms. Melissa for a short chapel time. Pastor Robert plays the red guitar and sings songs with the children. Ms. Melissa shares a simple Bible story and prays with the children. This is a special time that we have each week to focus on God's love for each of us and His work in the world.

Music with Ms. Donna - The children (all classes) meet with Ms. Donna three times per month for music. Ms. Donna creates experiences for the children to learn about music through rhythm, movement, instruments, etc.

Drama with Ms. Marie - The children (twos, threes, fours) meet with Ms. Marie once a month for an interactive drama lesson. Ms. Marie brings a children's story book and simple props to help the children act out the story. This process is an integral part of pre-reading skills and also fosters an enjoyment of stories and reading.

World in My Backyard is a cultural learning experience for young children. They visit our 3's and 4's classes a few times a year.

There are many other programs that are a part of our preschool throughout the year. We do not leave our church campus, but we do bring in many different field trip type experiences for the children. A few examples are; fire fighters, dental hygienist, science with Kathy Shonts, World in My Backyard, Tarradiddle Players, etc.