Our program is housed at Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church. We are a mission of this active congregation in Southeast Charlotte.

Our classrooms extend to the outside through our windows that allow children to watch the outside world each day. They are set up with learning centers, sinks, bathrooms, etc. to make them fully functional for learning with young children.

We have a spacious playground with many activities for children of all ages; swings, climbing structures, bike track, sand box, etc. We believe that playground time is very important to a child's growth and development. The children spend time on the playground each day, weather permitting. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we have a Rainy Day Room space where children can move and shake their wiggles out inside.

Our church at large offers us more space to use when needed. There are rooms for field trip programs, the sanctuary is used for chapel, the full kitchen can be used for cooking activities, etc.

We have a warm and welcoming facility that invites everyone inside. Come visit and see for yourself!