Our Children

Children are a gift from God that he has given to us. Here at Good Shepherd we believe that each child is a unique gift and we are here to help them grow and develop to be all that God intended them to be.

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Our Classrooms

Our classrooms provide a developmentally appropriate play-based learning environment for young children. They provide choices, independence, support, and creative outlets for children to explore and engage.

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Our Staff

The teaching staff at Good Shepherd are well prepared and experienced to teach young children. They are loving to children, responsive in caring, creative in planning, and knowledgeable about early childhood development.

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Key Concepts

Why Choose Us

Reason 1

Nurturing and experienced staff - Our staff care about each child and we know them by name. Many of our teachers have worked with us for more than 10 years!

Reason 2.

Excellent reputation in the community since 1983 - Our program started 31 years ago in a small house on our church property with just a few children. Our reputation in the nearby community has continued to help us thrive and grow to what we are today.

Reason 3.

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for learning - Our classrooms are play-based learning environments where children can grow and develop at their own pace.


With my oldest child, we were chronic preschool switchers - schools were either "too much" of something or "not enough" of something else. When we found Good Shepherd, we finally felt like we'd found the Preschool Holy Grail. It was just the right amount of everything, with an amazing staff of teachers and administrators that truly made us feel like family. Our (very different) youngest two children attended Good Shepherd until they aged out, and both had as close to a "perfect" preschool experience as possible. We're thankful for it every day.

Ashley Joseph Parent Alumni, Owner - Gymboree

Both of my girls have attended Good Shepherd CDP since they were one, and have loved being a part of the school family. We have enjoyed seeing them grow and learn with the guidance of dedicated teachers who provide a terrific balance of education and fun. At my oldest daughters first parent-teacher conference in kindergarten the teacher was very impressed with how well prepared she was for kindergarten. By the end of her kindergarten year she has become an avid reader. The teachers at Good Shepherd gave her all the tools to absorb the new kindergarten materials, and nurtured her excitement for learning and curiosity. And I am happy to say we see the same things developing in our younger daughter as she progresses through the classes at GS.

Shay Prosser Parent Alumni

I can't begin to express my love for Good Shepherd preschool. What started out as a convenient and safe place to send my daughter(s), turned out to be a family for us, and eventually, a church home. The staff has been there for years and they truly love their job and the children. They greet the children by name, with hugs and smiles and fill their days with amazing activities. They encourage independence, yet provide love and support. My daughters thrived, socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically. My daughters have since graduated and moved on to elementary school (3rd and 1st), but the teachers never fail to recognize them by name, every time we run into them. To this day, my girls still like to look through their class books (that are sweet and amazing!) and reminisce about the wonderful times they had at Good Shepherd. Good Shepherd provided them with a foundation that I will always be thankful for, and I know my children will always remember.

Doran Buchmannl Parent Alumni

Just wanted to let you know that Graham has had a tremendous year in kindergarten at OP. He has really enjoyed it and grown so much. He has turned out to be quite the student. We give so much credit to your teachers and the foundation laid during his time at preschool. THANKS!

Jenny and Bill Brantley Parent Alumni